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We understand what it takes to engage an audience and offer an experience that they won’t forget. We will help you offer inspiration, practical takeaways and strategies that can be used in the classroom, in the staffroom, or at home.

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Share your passion and skills with a global online audience. We can help you run informative online summits spanning 3-5 days that align you and your business as a leader in your chosen subject.

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We create and resell world leading and engaging educational & wellbeing resources for students, teachers and parents. We work with you to create incredible products or find the perfect resources for you and your audience.

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Through a series of engaging educational resources and events, our mission is to improve the wellbeing of students, teachers and parents. We achieve this by inspiring action, providing resources & knowledge, and linking like-minded educators, schools and organisations in a global push to educate the whole child and improve long term wellbeing, resilience and character strength.

What is Positive Education and/or Character Education?

Positive education, also known as Social Emotional Learning or Character Education, focuses on teaching social, emotional and wellbeing skills into the curriculum so that students improve their personal wellbeing, resilience and happiness. Positive Education works best when embedded into a school’s culture, and particularly when practiced by staff as well as students.

Far from detracting from academics, positive education has been proven to improve academic results as well as long term wellbeing, greater career success and overall life satisfaction.

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