Education and Wellbeing resources

We offer engaging education and wellbeing resources for students, teachers and parents.

We can work with you to create custom products for your audience. We have created workbooks on Nutrition, Wellbeing and Sustainablity and are currently working on a children's journal about building confidence.

We have also teamed up with The Learning Curve, an Austrailan company specializing in journals, planners and other wellbeing products. We are currently selling their products in the UK and US. Their journals empower teachers with the resources, knowledge and skills to improve wellbeing and resilience in students.

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 Learning Curve Wellbeing Journals

The Learning Curve offers a range of products and resources which are individually tailored for primary students, for secondary students, and for teachers. Pictured are the six elements of wellbeing which underpin the Student Wellbeing programme in line with those developed by Martin Seligman. Each of these elements are equally important in building student confidence and wellbeing.

Designed with flexibility in mind, The Student Wellbeing program offers schools a 48 week structured wellbeing program that can be followed in sequence or by selecting individual topics and resources to complement your school’s existing program.

The Student Wellbeing products and resources are available in hard copy and online to suit different schools’ requirements. Please click on each image below for a more detailed view.

The Learning Curve Wellbeing Journals offer a collection of weekly student driven activities to build their mindfulness, character strengths, elements of wellbeing and growth mindsets. The Journals focus on students self-assessing, setting self-expectations and being grateful for the positives they experience.

The Learning Curve Activity Books encourage students to think about their own wellbeing. Activities are student directed, needing minimal teacher support. They can act as a starting point for teacher directed lessons with class follow up discussions or set as weekly homework tasks. Alternatively, students can work through activities at their own pace.

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