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Confident Child Summit - Coming Soon!

Engaging Education in collaboration with GoZen!, is creating an online summit which will be a live event in February of 2020 and will feature over a dozen expert interview videos. Learn more at

Happy Child Summit

Engaging Education in collaboration with GoZen! and Live Happy, created an online summit which was a live event in April of 2019 and can now be purchased for lifetime access to all 20 expert videos. Learn more about the summit at

Each interview was packed with practical tools to help parents and kids live happier lives.

  • Learn lifelong skills to improve happiness and wellbeing
  • Cope with the stresses of modern life
  • Improve mental and emotional resilience
  • Bounce back from anxiety & depression
  • Achieve greater academic, social and career success
  • Tame the inner critic, self-doubt, fear, negative thinking and "what iffing"
  • Learn superpower skills like GRIT and Mindset
  • Transform difficult emotions

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