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Our Purpose

Our mission is to improve the wellbeing of students, teachers and parents by inspiring action, providing access to resources & knowledge, and linking like-minded educators, schools and organisations in a global push to educate the whole child and improve long term wellbeing, resilience and character strengths.

Our Story

Following 5 years as Director of the Festival of Education at Wellington College, inspiration was drawn from the work of Martin Seligman, Sir Anthony Seldon, Geelong Grammar and other world leading educators. These leaders in Positive Education were advocating and leading the way in providing education that resulted in greater wellbeing and was proven to improve exam results, long term success and happiness. Engaging Education and Events Ltd was founded in 2016 to help facilitate this movement, bring together its leading practitioners and help them deliver their inspiration, ideas, practices and passion to schools, educators and parents wishing to learn how to improve the wellbeing of their students and children.

Engaging Education and Events has since grown to provide:

  • Informative and inspiring Wellbeing in Education events in the UK, US, Europe and globally
  • Global online summits aimed at giving parents and educators hands on, expert advice on improving their children’ wellbeing and academic success
  • A range of education resources available across the UK, US and Europe
  • Full-service marketing for organizations working in the education/wellbeing space
  • Event consultation and direction
  • Content provision for events (including online events)
  • Bespoke Wellbeing journals and workbooks

We believe in Martin Seligman’s vision that happiness is something that can be improved upon by looking at 6 different areas of your, or your children’s lives and doing regular exercises to boost these areas:

  • Positive Emotions - The right balance of heartfelt positivity to build our resilience.
  • Engagement - The regular development of our strengths - those things that we are good at and enjoy doing.
  • Relationships - The creation of authentic and energizing and supportive relationships.
  • Meaning - A sense of being connected to something bigger than ourselves.
  • Achievement - The self belief and ability to pursue and accomplish goals.
  • Vitality - Eating right, moving regularly and sleeping deeply.

All the work we do, events we run and resources we offer are based on evidenced research. We work with both IPEN, IPPA and The University of Buckingham to ensure we keep abreast of the latest research and developments in the fields of psychology, positive psychology and education.

Who We Are

Image of Ian Picken

Ian Picken

As Joint Festival Director of the Sunday Times Festival of Education, Ian’s 5-year tenure allowed him to develop what started as a modest conference into the UK’s premier education forum for thought leadership and CPD.

As well as enhancing the very 'festivalness' of the event, Ian’s insight, vision and creative flair led the Festival to new heights and in visitor numbers increasing ten-fold. The Aspirational Student Zone (with rapper Tinie Tempah), and the much vaunted Inspiring Leaders debates were just two of Ian’s introductions to the Festival.

Through Engaging Education and Events, Ian is now working on education projects across four continents, fulfilling his passionate belief that every child should have equal access to an education that will unlock their individual potential, prepare them for a lifetime of opportunity and positively contribute to a united global community.

Laura Coppedge Image

Laura Coppedge

Laura Coppedge most recently was the Director of Marketing and Operations for Live Happy magazine. She and Ian worked together for a couple of years before she left and they decided to work together to further positive education. She worked with SUCCESS magazine and with various companies—at jobs that had the title “web, digital and marketing" in them somewhere.

Laura has a degree in journalism from the University of North Texas and has spent her career writing, editing, marketing and developing products. While working at Live Happy magazine for 5 years she developed a passion for positive psychology and for positive education specifically. She is a mom or three and has seen how her knowledge has changed the lives of all of her kids.

Personally, she loves being a mother, talking with her husband, reading a good book (or even a bad one), chatting with her mom and having some girl-time with amazing friends.

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